The life of luxury is right here in Park City.

Feet warming at fireplace with hands holding wineWhen people think of Park City, they generally imagine the Sundance Film Festival or our rocky, powder-covered slopes that skiiers and snowboarders flock to from all over the world.

While these activities are two of the most popular events here in our great city, there are plenty of other attractions that make our little slice of Utah so great. Who knew that living in the lap of luxury, was possible, right alongside the Wasatch Mountain Range.

Fine Dining. Whether you’re a carnivore, herbivore or somewhere in between, there’s no shortage of delicious restaurants to sample while here in Park City.

From award-winning establishments known for famous desserts, to steak houses with a knack for perfectly grilling a prime rib, you’ll never run out of options here in the beautiful Utah mountains.

Arts and Entertainment. Park City is a town that embraces culture and art. With some of the best galleries in Utah, visitors can peruse paintings, get up-close-and personal with sculptures from various artists and immerse themselves in mixed and multi media.

The beautiful scenery here has inspired plenty of painters, sculptors and writers and it might do the very same for you.

Shopping. Have you been saving up for that next spending spree? There’s no better place to lay down your hard earned cash than here in Park City.

Whether you want to pick up a handmade piece of art or are a bookworm adding to your collection, there’s plenty of stores worth looking into.

Park City is as beautiful as it is unique. When you visit, you’re entering the lap of luxury.