The case for high altitude living

53939181_SHigh altitude living is absolutely beautiful. The mountain ranges are breathtaking, the pine forests are inspiring and the winter wind and snow are unlike anywhere else. Becoming a Park City resident isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, though. There are actually a number of physical health benefits associated with living in the mountains. Let’s take a quick look at how thin air can make a positive impact on your personal well being.

Weight loss. Believe it or not, living at higher elevations is often associated with losing weight. According to an article from the Chicago Tribune, “A report released in [2011] by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a nonprofit group that focuses on health issues, found that Colorado had the lowest obesity rate (19.8 percent) in the U.S. It was the only state under 20 percent. It’s also a healthy state, with lower rates of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.”

Heart Disease. Healthy hearts lead to healthy individuals, and a study from 2010 found that “living at higher altitude may have a protective effect onĀ ischemicĀ heart disease. Researchers note that Colorado has the nation’s lowest death rate from heart disease and has lower rates of lung and colon cancer.”

Athletic prowess. It’s no secret the the United States’ Olympic training facility is in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and while that’s south east of Park City, the climate, scenery and clear mountain air here are almost exactly the same. If you love biking, jogging or even just walking the dog, there’s no better place to do it than right here in Utah.

Take advantage of the amazing health benefits of living the mountains. Our team will help the transition go both comfortably and smoothly.