Commercial Buildings

WedgCor was founded in 1976. Over the years, WedgCor has developed a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality steel commercial buildings at very affordable prices. We have produced commercial, municipal, recreational,agricultural and industrial steel buildings for virtually every type of business and use throughout the world

Today, WedgCor is a family owned business with a 400,000 square foot modern factory in Jamestown, North Dakota and a huge new affiliate factory on the East Coast.

We have kept true to our commitment of excellence by designing and purchasing the newest and best technology in machinery and computer aided design and manufacturing equipment.

Our commitment to quality shows in the people that work at WedgCor, in our suppliers that supply the best raw materials to us, and in the customers that choose a WedgCor building.

When you choose WedgCor, you also choose a manufacturer of substantial financial strength and responsibility. Even with our outstanding growth, we remain a debt free company, assuring you of a dependable source for your steel building.

WedgCor’s warranties are among the best in the industry, assuring you alower maintenance and longer service life for your building.

WedgCor’s commitment to excellence begins with our engineering. Our staffare the finest engineers, estimators, designers and draftsmen on the industry. Your WedgCor building can be engineer certified for all 50 states and throughout Canada.