Park City Custom Builders – Scandinavian Honka Log Homes

As Park City custom builders of premium quality and unique homes, NCC is proud to have introduced  Scandinavian Honka log homes and that style of building to the region.  Many green building programs worldwide have used Scandinavian homes and that style of building as a reference when creating their standards and programs.

They are the ultimate custom home for natural and holistic living.  Their understated elegance and use of all natural materials create a light, airy and luxurious and relaxing expansive open floor plan custom home experience.  The log is a product of nature – a magnificent, unique one, and the Finnish nature, with thousands of lakes and northern forests, emphasizes its beauty. You can also feel the connection with nature inside a Honka custom home. The laminated timber and log walls breathe well-being as they absorb moisture and discharge it again when the outer conditions change. As a result, the indoor air is good, fresh and easy to breathe. Thanks to their ability to ”breathe”, massive laminated timbers and logs regulate the humidity of indoor air and keep it within the range considered optimal for healthy living.